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        procurement process

        If there??s one thing the COVID-19 pandemic has taught the world of business (apart from that remote work is the future), it??s this: We aren??t prepared for disruption.

        Supply chains, in particular, suffered a massive shockwave, with supermarkets, shops, and services being unable to operate the way they did before the virus struck. In fact, more than 3,000 suppliers in China were driven to force majeure declarations in the first few months alone.

        As the world moves toward a new normal, you??ll be thinking about disruption and risk a lot more than you had done previously.

        For businesses using suppliers, it’s necessary – now more so than ever – to establish a stellar procurement process to ensure goods and/or services can always be secured, no matter if micro (small, every day) and macro (large, extraordinary) disruptions happen.

        That’s why, in this post, I’ll be discussing what the procurement process is, the benefits a documented and solid process brings, what the flow of a robust procurement process looks like, and how 肺癌有救了Process Street can help.

        Read through the below sections to get up-to-date:

        Or, if you just wanted to get your hands on a procurement process that you can default to in every day and extraordinary situations alike, grab it here:

        Click here to get the Procurement Process Checklist Template!

        Ready to become a pro at the procurement process? ?


        To put it simply, the procurement process is made up of all the steps and tasks that need to be completed so that procurement can be done successfully.

        Without having a standard process for procurement, the flow for how it’s done can be different every time, which isn’t exactly, well, good (and especially when times aren’t ‘normal’). The absence of a procurement process means you could continually go about procurement poorly, thereby increasing your bottom-line rather than reducing it.

        Suffice to say, having a procurement process is incredibly important.


        What is BPM, exactly?

        It stands for business process management, and using BPM software is a must for businesses who both literally and figuratively can’t afford to go about its processes the wrong way (46% of companies see BPM as a way of reducing business costs, in fact).

        To make sure you and your team do go about them the right way, you’ll first need to document your processes with BPM software.

        That’s because it isn’t enough to rely on memory. Nor is writing a process on a piece of paper enough, as paper is prone to being shoved in drawers and never again seeing the light of day.

        Similarly, documenting business processes via Word or Excel isn’t helpful either, as they don’t cover the scope that dedicated BPM software can.

        Process Street in particular makes process documentation incredibly easy. All you need to do to get started is sign up for a free trial and document your processes as templates!

        Check out the introductory video to get acquainted.

        To make getting started with Process Street even easier for you, I’ve got a ready-made Procurement Process Checklist Template for you to make use of. I’ll also, in the upcoming section, demonstrate how to use it to its full potential. ??


        Process Street is 肺癌有救了superpowered checklists肺癌有救了.

        If you document workflows, business processes, and integral procedures as 肺癌有救了templates, you can then launch an infinite number of checklists from those templates. The checklists will help ensure you and your team complete tasks to the high-standards your business wants.

        For a glimpse into how other businesses are utilizing Process Street for their processes, check out how TechMD does it.

        Now, in terms of the procurement process, you can go ahead and use the template I went over in the section above. Or, you can create processes from scratch after signing up for a free trial!

        Similarly, you can make use of our other pre-made business process templates related to purchasing, procurement, and the supply chain, or make your own versions.

        For instance, here are several procurement-related process templates that’ll bolster how your business goes about procurement:

        This Purchase Order Workflow Template makes managing your purchase order workflow incredibly easy. You can seamlessly track progress in real-time and shorten purchasing cycles.

        Click here to get the Purchase Order Workflow Template!

        This Accounts Payable Process will help you provide checks and balances for all outgoing payments to suppliers for their goods or services. A definite checklist template to add to your account, if I do say so myself.

        Click here to get the Accounts Payable Process!

        And let’s say you’re wanting to optimize the procurement process further. That’s easily done, thanks to The Process for Optimizing a Process.

        Click here to get The Process for Optimizing a Process!

        All these checklist templates have been superpowered due to Process Street’s workflow automation features.

        These include (but aren’t limited to):

        To deep dive into some of these features, watch the following webinar.



        Thom is a junior content writer at Process Street. He has previously worked in copywriting and content creation for multiple start-ups and SMBs. He??s interested in technology, culture, homebrewing, and hiking up the hills and mountains near his home in Edinburgh, Scotland.


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