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        After the Second World War, Japan was faced with tremendous infrastructural damage and needed to begin the long, difficult process of repairing pretty much everything. During this time, Allied forces occupied Japan and oversaw the process of reparation – many American experts were enlisted to aid in the efforts to rebuild Japan’s economy and infrastructure, while at the same time ensuring no military force was re-established.

        Among those enlisted was W. Edwards Deming (of the Deming Cycle and PDCA fame). One of the early goals was to begin production of new radios; the problem was, new management was unskilled, production facilities and raw materials were in short supply, and quality management was a big issue.

        Long story short, Deming helped to spearhead the establishment of quality control initiatives focusing on top-level management taking responsibility for clearly defining quality policy and procedures. This kind of quality control framework came to be known as Hoshin Kanri, and it eventually proliferated beyond Japan and over to America and the rest of the globe.

        A 2020 report by the IPMA Organisational Competence Baseline (IPMA OCB) explained that to execute business vision, mission, and strategy, implementation of the Hoshin Kanri approach – also referred to as Hoshin planning – is vital for lean and strategic management, and for future-proofing a business.

        In this 湖人比赛直播Process Street article, you will learn: What Hoshin Kanri is and its history, why you need to implement Hoshin Kanri in your business or line of work, and how you can do this using our free Hoshin Planning: Hoshin Kanri Policy Deployment Process Checklist.

        You can navigate to the most relevant section for you using our quick links below. Alternatively, read on for a gentle introduction to the fundamentals of Hoshin Kanri.

        Let’s go explore the concept of Hoshin Kanri!


        I always find knowing a business tool’s history helps personal understanding, via grasping where the tool came from and why it was developed.

        Doing this for the Hoshin Kanri methodology takes us to 16th century Japan. During this time, fundamental to Japanese thinking was the phrase putting principles into practice. This valuable ideology was used in samurai warfare, and was a philosophy printed in samurai guides.


        The term heiho sums up this philosophy. Hei meaning soilder and ho meaning method. The modern translation is 湖人比赛直播strategy湖人比赛直播.

        If you are thoroughly conversant with strategy, you will recognize the enemy’s intentions and have many opportunities to win” – MCTS, Let’s improve your company’s operational strategies together!

        Japanese business principles were built from this philosophy, and are so analogous to samurai warfare.

        The term Hoshin is related to heiho. Today’s literal translation of ho is method or form . Shin is shiny needle or compass. The full term, Hoshin, means methodology for setting strategic direction.

        Kanri can also be broken down into two parts. Kan translates to control or channeling. The second part, ri translates to reason or logic. Taken together, the most common translation is administration or management.

        湖人比赛直播Hoshin Kanri = Compass management湖人比赛直播

        The Hoshin Kanri methodology wasn’t established as a management technique however until the 湖人比赛直播1950’s.

        During this time there was a drive to rebuild Japan’s economy and infrastructure, which had suffered tremendously during the war. American experts were called upon to help with reconstruction, education, and training.

        One the experts enlisted was Dr. William Edward Deming, the brains behind the well-known Deming Cycle – a methodology you may already be aware of.

        If you are not familiar with the Deming Cycle, 湖人比赛直播read湖人比赛直播 the following resources:

        During a two-month period, Deming trained hundreds of engineers, managers, and scholars. His lectures focus on three key areas:

        • The use of the PDCA cycle,
        • The importance of understanding the causes of variation,
        • Process control via control charts.

        Through the teachings of Deming’s and other business and management experts, Japan began to take control and adapt their own management techniques. Blending together new teachings, and old samurai methods, 湖人比赛直播Professor Yoji Akao湖人比赛直播 evolved and improved Japanese planning techniques to develop the Hoshin Kanri methodology.

        Hoshin planning began to creep into the U.S. in the early 80’s, mainly because a handful of U.S. companies had divisions and subdivisions in Japan

        In the 1990s, early U.S. Hoshin Kanri adopters considered the process to give a competitive advantage.


        Lean management makes systematic, incremental changes to improve process efficiency and quality, taking the idea that oganizational improvement is a continuous process.

        As you will witness from using our Hoshin Planning: Hoshin Kanri Policy Deployment Process Checklist, the final stages of Hoshin planning focus on review, problem-solving and reflection. The idea is that, with each iteration of the process, you learn from what went wrong.

        Considering lean management alongside Hoshin planning brings us to the Plan-Do-Act-Check cycle. An iterative, 4 stage approach for continuous review of your business processes, products, or services, to resolve problems and to support ongoing improvement.

        Hoshin planning leans on the PDCA model in step 6, problem-solving for objectives missed. Here the PDCA model is used to identify issues that are blocking the achievement of your set objectives.

        Use Process Street’s PDCA Cycle Change Management Model Process Checklist alongside our Hoshin Planning: Hoshin Kanri Policy Deployment Process Checklist, for the continuous review and improvement of your business operations.

        Click here to access our PDCA Cycle Change Management Model Process Checklist!


        A visually impressive – albeit seemingly complex – tool used in Hoshin planning is the Hoshin X matrix.

        The X matrix has a number of fields that are arranged in a compass-like structure (North-South-East-West).

        湖人比赛直播Remember湖人比赛直播: Shin means shiny or compass, defining Hoshin Kanri as compass management.

        You start at the bottom of the matrix, the south, formalizing your long-term objectives. Next comes your annual objectives, (left, or West). Then your top-level priorities (top, or North). Finally, there are your targets to improve (right, or East). At the very far right, noted are the people responsible for each task.

        Hoshin Kanri X matrix

        For further clarification on how to use the X matrix, let’s work through an example together.

        Let’s say your organization wants to be more sustainable, adopting environmentally friendly and socially responsible business strategies. This would be your company’s mission and directional change.

        To adopt more sustainable practices in your business, click here to check out Process Street’s 5 Free ISO 14001 Checklist Templates for sustainability management.

        • 湖人比赛直播South, long-term goals湖人比赛直播: The first step is to detail your long-term goals that support your overarching company policy/directional change. Long-term goals set precedence for where an organization wants to go. In our example, these long-term goals include:
          • 湖人比赛直播Goal 1湖人比赛直播: Reducing carbon-dioxide emissions by 50%,
          • 湖人比赛直播Goal 2湖人比赛直播: Supporting sustainable initiatives,
          • 湖人比赛直播Goal 3湖人比赛直播: Achieving <10% employee turnover,
          • 湖人比赛直播Goal 4湖人比赛直播: Supporting the local community,
        • 湖人比赛直播West, annual objectives湖人比赛直播: Long-term objectives are used to set annual objectives, with the question what do you want to achieve this year? At the intersection between long-term goals and annual objectives, it is marked which long-term goal is associated with which annual objective.

        Hoshin Kanri Gain a Competitive Advantage With This Lean Management Approach - Hoshin Kanri X matrix

        • 湖人比赛直播North, top-level priorities湖人比赛直播: Next you expand on the different activities you want to do to achieve your annual results. In this example, to reduce your carbon dioxide emissions, activities such as switching to energy-efficient lighting, or implementing a cycle-to-work scheme can be implemented. At the intersectional corners of the matrix, you markdown which annual objective connects to which priority.
        • 湖人比赛直播East, targets to improve湖人比赛直播: Based on the top-level priorities, numerical targets are set. An organization’s aim is to achieve these targets within a year. Again you mark down which priority influences which target. It is also possible to connect targets to the longer-term objectives set.
        • 湖人比赛直播Responsibity湖人比赛直播: On the very far right, you add who is responsible for what top-level priority.

        Using the Hoshin X matrix is not essential for the implementation of Hoshin planning. This is a tool you can use if it works for you. Some argue, however, that the tool introduces unnecessary overhead.


        Process Street is ?湖人比赛直播superpowered湖人比赛直播? checklists.

        Take 湖人比赛直播Process Street湖人比赛直播, 湖人比赛直播plus湖人比赛直播 a top strategy deployment approach such as Hoshin planning, and what do you get?

        湖人比赛直播Super湖人比赛直播 superpowers, to dynamically adapt your business strategy and stitch your new organizational direction into the very fabric of your business processes.

        Use our Hoshin Planning: Hoshin Kanri Policy Deployment Process Checklist to effectively implement the Hoshin Kanri method and drive forward a new strategic direction.

        On top of this, you can create specific checklist processes for each new objective/project set. Have the relevant teams follow these procedures to the T to make sure you stay on track.

        Make your processes dynamic and interactive by including (but not limited to) the following features:

        • Stop tasks to ensure task order.
        • Dynamic due dates, so no deadline is missed.
        • Conditional logic, creating a dynamic template that caters to your needs.
        • Role assignments, to ease task delegation within your team.
        • Approvals, allowing decision-makers to give the go-ahead (or rejection) on important items. Also, the necessary comments can be provided.
        • Webhooks, so apps can send out automated messages or information directly to other apps. A great feature keeping your other tools notified about the status of checklists and tasks in Process Street.
        • 湖人比赛直播Task assignments, to assign users and groups to individual tasks in your checklists, making it easy to see who is responsible for what.
        • Embed Widget allowing you to view and interact with other apps without leaving your checklist.

        For more information on how you can create and edit checklists in Process Street, watch the below video: The basics of creating and editing templates.



        Hi there, I am a Junior Content Writer at Process Street. I graduated in Biology, specializing in Environmental Science at Imperial College London. During my degree, I developed an enthusiasm for writing to communicate environmental issues. I continued my studies at Imperial College's Business School, and with this, my writing progressed looking at sustainability in a business sense. When I am not writing I enjoy being in the mountains, running and rock climbing.


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