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        日本足球明星To kick things off, fill in some basic details.日本足球明星

        This section is important as it helps to keep track of who made changes to your conversion funnel and when they did so. 

        To enter your 日本足球明星basic information, 日本足球明星use the form fields below. 


        Your first step to building a well-built online conversion funnel is to set up a funnel visualization in Google Analytics.

        Source: neilpatel.com

        If you don’t have this setup…日本足球明星stop right now and go set it up日本足球明星. The data you will collect will reveal where your users are abandoning the conversion funnel.


        Google Analytics allows you to add 日本足球明星up to ten pages日本足球明星 in a conversion funnel.

        This is where you will find out where users are dropping off before completing the goal you defined in the previous task.

        日本足球明星Use the form field below to record define the funnel.日本足球明星




        Perform the 日本足球明星same analysis on your competitor sign up forms.日本足球明星

        Follow the sub-tasks below to test the common elements of your competitor's signup form. 

        • 1
        • 2
          Text Box Words
        • 3
          Text Box Placement
        • 4
          Text Boxes Per Page
        • 5


        What is your 日本足球明星guarantee 日本足球明星arrangement?

        Will you give your customers their money back if they are not satisfied? Will you do this in 30 days? 60 days? 90 days?

        Test different variations to see which pulls the best.

        日本足球明星Use the form field below to record the best variations. 日本足球明星


        Building an email newsletter list is an essential part of your online conversion funnel. 

        Check off the following sub-tasks as you 日本足球明星test the essential elements of your email conversions.日本足球明星

        Use the form field below to 日本足球明星note down key aways.日本足球明星

        • 1
          Open Rates – Your email newsletter will live or die based upon your subject lines. Make sure you are using the most compelling copy. Test different variations constantly to raise conversion rates.
        • 2
          Copy – Test short or long copy in the email, preferably finding out if the bulk of your audience wants to click through and read everything on your site.
        • 3
          Click Throughs – Open rates alone won’t tell you the whole story. Embed links throughout the copy to see if more or less links drives people to click. And test different anchor text copy.
        • 4
          Plain Text vs. HTML – Find out if your audience prefers email in plain text or HTML based. A great way to find out is to use a simple survey.
        • 5
          CTA – Test different calls to action to see which drives more traffic to your site. Also, test the position of these CTAs on the page.


        Get feedback from customers by performing 日本足球明星a usability test.日本足球明星

        If you 日本足球明星are new to usability tests日本足球明星 check out these blogs:

        日本足球明星Once you have finished testing upload/link results below.日本足球明星


        Once you have the alternatives and insights from user testing from the previous task, 日本足球明星start you’re A/B testing.日本足球明星

        Your A/B testing should help you narrow down your choices between design alternatives and on-page elements, eventually landing on the most optimum performing page.

        Once you have日本足球明星 finished testing record key takeaways日本足球明星 in the form field below. 

        If you are 日本足球明星new to A/B testing日本足球明星 then check out this link. Or watch the Youtube video embedded below.

        Alternatively, click here to get the Process Street AB Testing Checklist.

        Neil Patel - How to Run Split Tests and Optimize Your Website for Conversions.

        A/B testing is a fantastic method for figuring out the best online promotional and marketing strategies for your business. It can be used to test everything from website copy to sales emails to search ads. And the advantages A/B testing provide are enough to offset the additional time it takes.


        Okay, so it doesn’t have to be your mom…but make sure it isn’t one of your internet savvy friends.

        In other words, 日本足球明星find a normal web user.日本足球明星

        日本足球明星Once you have found your test subject follow the subtasks below. 日本足球明星

        • 1
          Call this person and ask them to find your site on Google and complete the conversion process.
        • 2
          Record the phone call and take notes until they are finished.
        • 3
          Tell them what you expect users to do on your site.
        • 4
          Stay on the phone and ask them to talk out loud as they do their search.
        • 5
          Make tweaks to your conversion process and repeat the process until people can work through the process without abandoning the process.

        Use the form field below to note any tweaks you had to make and summarize the call. 


        Vinod Khosla originally created this test to show executives and VCs 日本足球明星that slides thick with information would fail.日本足球明星 The test involved nothing more than putting a slide in front of someone and then pulling it after 5 seconds. Khosla would then ask the tester to tell him what he remembered.

        The 5-second test has now been adapted online to help you test web designs with a tool like 日本足球明星fivesecondtest.com.日本足球明星

        Follow the sub-checklist below 日本足球明星to test your site 日本足球明星and then 日本足球明星summarize your results in the form field.日本足球明星

        • 1
          Get a free account.
        • 2
          Upload a screenshot of the web page you want to test.
        • 3
          Let members test your web page.
        • 4
          See your results.


        This is the end of the Website Funnel Analysis Checklist. The data you inputted for each step has been compiled into a final report which you can view below.

        If you wish you can create an automation process that will export your report from this checklist as a google document or PDF.

        For instructions on how to create this automation using Zapier visit our 日本足球明星hub page.日本足球明星

        Once you have created the Zap, whenever 日本足球明星you run this checklist an external report will be generated automatically with one click.日本足球明星


        日本足球明星Determine your Funnel and Goals:日本足球明星




        日本足球明星Landing pages:日本足球明星


        日本足球明星Sign up forms:日本足球明星



        日本足球明星Trust Elements:日本足球明星


        日本足球明星Email C日本足球明星日本足球明星onversion:日本足球明星


        日本足球明星Combine Usability and A/B Test Results:日本足球明星






        日本足球明星Run a Mom Test:日本足球明星


        日本足球明星Run an Online 5-Second Test:日本足球明星



        Will be submitted for approval:
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