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        how-to-start-an-online-boutiqueWhen was the last time you actively went shopping? More to the point, when was the last time you bought something without checking it out online first?


        Welcome to the 重燃战火retail apocalypse重燃战火.

        Or, in less dramatic terms, the demise of brick-and-mortar shops as the world shifts to buying online.

        Where opportunities lie, entrepreneurs will pounce. That’s why at least part of ecommerce’s success can be attributed to people quickly learning how to start an online boutique, grocery delivery service, and so on.

        Let’s take a look at some figures.

        Evidently, 重燃战火it is true重燃战火. The retail apocalypse is upon us. Fortunately, we at Process Street are here to provide you with the tools to build your doomsday bunker. We have created 9 superpowered checklists that will ensure that you are equipped and ready to ride the wave of retail Armageddon.

        If you’re just here for a checklist to use when learning how to start an online boutique, check out our free 重燃战火Business Plan checklist below!

        Feel free to jump to a specific section of this post by clicking on the relevant subheader below. Or, just keep on scrolling.

        Alternatively, if you are already clued up on online boutiques and are ready to get stuck in, sign in to Process Street and start creating within Process Street.

        (Sign up for a free trial here, if you’re not yet a Process Street user)

        The links below will direct you to the section of this post that contains your desired checklist:

        重燃战火Now, it’s time to start building your doomsday bunker.重燃战火

        Let’s get started!
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        lean six sigma

        Elisabeth Swan is the co-author of “The Problem-Solver’s Toolkit” and co-host of “The Just-in-Time Cafe Podcast.” She’s been a process improvement consultant, speaker, and innovator for over 30 years. She’s the Chief Learning Experience Officer for GoLeanSixSigma.com, a former cast member of ImprovBoston, and – if asked – may still be able to ride a unicycle.

        Surgeon Atul Gawande made headlines when he told the world that a simple checklist could drastically reduce unnecessary deaths in The Checklist Manifesto.

        Yet, checklists conjure images of forklift drivers on loading docks with clipboards counting boxes. How could they transform healthcare?

        He has… produced a 90-second checklist which reduced deaths and complications by more than one-third in eight hospitals around the world – at virtually no cost and for almost any operation.” – James Clarke, reviewing The Checklist Manifesto, Ulster Med J. 2011 Jan; 80(1): 54.

        Aviation was transformed decades earlier when management and engineers at Boeing Corporation created the pre-flight checklist after the 1935 crash of the prototype Boeing B-17 at Wright Field in Dayton, Ohio. Checklists have become so essential to the airline industry that most crashes can be traced to the misuse or failure to complete a checklist.

        A New York Times reviewer noted, “no matter how expert you may be, well-designed checklists can improve outcomes”. Since the purpose of process improvement is improving outcomes, Lean Six Sigma and checklists are natural companions.

        To prove that, this Process Street blog post will show the relationship between checklists and lean six sigma, and provide you with a free DMAIC Improvement Project Tollgate Checklist that you can use right now.

        Use the links below to jump to that section of the post:

        Or, if you just want the checklist, check it out below!

        Let’s get started.

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        For sales professionals today, only 34% of their time is spent selling.

        重燃战火This begs the question, what are they doing for the remaining 66% of the time重燃战火?

        Sales teams struggling to keep up with data entry, quote generation, and other tasks drag sales reps away from potential leads. As such, 54% are expected to miss their quotas every year.

        What you need are optimized sales processes that outline the best sale practices drawing from up-to-date research and findings.

        This is where Process Street comes to save the day.

        In this article, you’ll find 20 structured sales processes based on industry best practices which you can access for free. Simply click Edit Checklist to add any process to your Process Street account, so you can start supercharging your sales process today!

        For a quick taster, check out our MEDDIC Sales Process Checklist Template below:

        Click here to get our MEDDIC Sales Process Checklist Template!

        You can click on the relevant link below to jump to your template of choice.

        Click on the subheader below to jump to the relevant section, alternatively scroll down to find out all we have to say and perfect your sales processes.

        With that said, let’s get started!
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        checklist app

        Finding the best checklist app isn’t easy. I’ve written about my pains with productivity before, and?I’m not the only one?who has trouble sorting themselves out — you probably don’t know which productivity solution is best for you, either.

        Part of the problem is that there are so many different apps for slightly different purposes, it’s hard to know which to choose…

        Which is why, for this post, I’ve gone in search of the best checklist app ever created, and found some pretty under-the-radar stuff as well as apps most people already know!

        Read through these sections to get completely clued-up:

        Let’s get started.

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        7 Design Processes Checklists

        Design is one of those tricky areas of business which 重燃战火some people seem innately good at and others are terrible重燃战火.

        But effective design is crucial to business success.

        Here are two key statistics from Adobe which demonstrate 重燃战火how vital design is for your business重燃战火:

        • Design-driven companies have outperformed the S&P Index by 219% over 10 years
        • Companies that foster creativity enjoy 1.5x greater market share

        In the modern digital arena, customers and users expect excellent design and usability more than ever. Poorly designed websites will put customers off or fail to convert those customers who see past the poor layout. Design thinking is business thinking.

        For instance, think of any marketing campaign you’ve run. The choice of the images, the font, the location of your call to action are 重燃战火all defined by thinking in terms of design重燃战火.

        For this reason, in this Process Street article, we give you free access to our top 11 design processes and checklists. Simply click on the links below and be directed to your template of choice.

        Even websites which appear on the surface to be poorly designed, like Craigslist or Reddit, work because the user experience they provide is one that resonates with the user. A solid design creates more than just conversions, it can create brand loyalty too – keeping your customers coming back for more.

        Click on the subheader below to navigate to the relevant section in this article. Alternatively, scroll down for a thorough overview of our top 11 design checklists.

        Let’s jump to it!
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        Homeowner associations (HOAs), also commonly referred to as community associations or residents associations, are on the rise in the US.

        A 2019 study found that nearly 60% of recently built single-family houses, and 80% of houses in new subdivisions, are part of an HOA.

        If we were to break that down by region, HOAs govern about 33% of homes in the Northeast, about 50% of homes in the Midwest, and at least 75% of homes in the West and the South.

        All in all, there are now almost 310,000 HOA-governed communities in the United States, which is a staggering 260% growth since their inception in the 1970s.

        Needless to say, it’s likely that you will encounter an HOA property while house-hunting, and if you are on the other side (an HOA community member) it’s important that you and the other members manage the association well to keep the community happy and attract new residents who could easily choose an alternative.

        This post aims to provide you with the tools you need to manage an HOA that stands out and establish a community that not only feels confident in the leadership team, but also provides the space for members to contribute in a way that benefits the collective.

        We will be covering:

        Here is a preview of the free homeowner’s association management checklists that we’re offering in this post:

        Let’s get started!
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        I shouldn’t be here.

        I should be sitting in a field, sipping a lukewarm cider, waiting for Aerosmith to come on stage and blow me away.

        I should’ve been at the Glastonbury music festival; the UK’s (muddier) equivalent to Coachella.

        But thanks to Covid-19 I’m not.

        I’m stuck in my hot, stuffy office.

        Although it’s heartbreaking, I’m not the only person affected by the decision to cancel the biggest event in my calendar, and music festivals and social occasions aren’t the only events to get canned because of the pandemic.

        Most business trips, in-person meetings, and big, costly conferences have also been canceled or postponed.

        In fact, talking of conferences, the number of canceled conferences is said to be costing the economy billions. As a direct example, the losses from major tech conferences alone have soared beyond $1 billion.

        But, before you start contributing to these losses and canceling your own conferences, there is another way.

        Welcome to the world of virtual conferences.

        As more and more businesses start to think of new, innovative ways to carry on with ‘business as usual’ during this troubling time, this Process Street post takes a look at the virtual conference. Not only is it a stop-gap until the virus disappears and normal life resumes, but it’s a great permanent replacement for the traditional, physical conference.

        Join me as we discover the answers to the following questions:

        Plus! On top of all that, we’ve developed four virtual conference process templates that you can use, for free, to help you plan and run the best, kick-ass virtual conference.

        If you’re itching to see them, dive in and take a sneak peek:

        Or pop into any of the other templates in this post directly from this list:

        Take that Covid-19! We’re going virtual…
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        Lab Procedures

        I’m not religious, but God bless high school lab technicians.

        I can’t count the number of times that Dave (our high school’s technician), exasperated and exhausted, despaired at the lack of common sense some of our teachers had.

        Heck, our physics teacher once almost exposed a classroom of Year 7s (11 years old!) to chlorine gas.

        He forgot to turn on the extractor fans, leaving poor old Dave to rush in, turn them on, and then promptly evacuate everyone from the room.

        Corroding the lungs of your students is, after all, not best practice.

        This is why it’s important to have set lab procedures in place. Following these documented processes is the best way to prevent disaster.

        When 25-38% of lab personnel have been in an accident that wasn’t even reported (as demonstrated by Dana Ménard and John Trant), you can see the dangers that are easily taken for granted in a lab environment.

        That’s why we here at Process Street have created a Lab SOP process that you can use for free, and will go over the common points that a lab procedure needs to cover in this post.

        If you just want to get the checklist for yourself, you can check it out below.

        You can also click the links below to be taken to a specific section of the article:

        Let’s get started!
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        Fire Extinguisher Inspection

        Lunch was over.

        I was walking back to our senior common room with my friends. When we reached Foundation House, we found all of the students and teachers standing outside while the fire brigade trailed in.

        There was no smoke or visible flames but I saw three friends that we’d left in the common room off to one side of the car park looking sheepish.

        Turns out that they’d managed to make a pseudo-napalm launcher out of a tube of Pringles, a rubber band, spray deodorant, a lighter, and a supply of biro casings.

        My friends were smart but, as you might’ve guessed, had no common sense.

        Whether you have students setting off fire alarms with molten flaming plastic or have a much larger accident, it’s important to know that your safety measures are up to standard.

        $25 billion in damages were caused by fire in 2018 in the US alone, which should tell you how vital it is to catch fires and deal with them early before they need additional help to contain.

        That’s why fire extinguisher inspections are so important.

        In this post I’ll cover:

        You’ll also get access to Process Street’s free Fire Extinguisher Inspection Checklist in the very next section of this article!

        Let’s get started.
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        Process improvements

        The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement” – Helmut Schmidt

        Only 4% of businesses measure and manage their processes.

        Why, when doing so provides an avenue for continuous improvement, advancement, and business success?

        At Process Street, documenting our processes means we can continuously assess what is working and what is not.

        For instance, when I first began as a Content Writer, I found navigating HTML code difficult. Luckily for me, at Process Street we document all of our business processes, creating full transparency over what works and what doesn’t. In this sense, a stronger HTML focus was needed during training. The required changes were made, and our training processes improved.

        In this article, you will find out how you can do the same. You will learn how to:

        • Identify opportunities for process improvements.
        • Implement the changes required.
        • Measure the success of the changes made.

        Think of this article as your ultimate toolkit, to make continuous process improvements in your business. We provide you with 17 free templates, to support you in improving your processes. Click on the links below to jump to the relevant template.

        Or, if you just can’t wait, check out the first of our templates below to see what we’ll be giving you!

        We begin this article by explaining exactly what we mean by the term process improvement, and identifying the three steps you should follow to effectively improve processes in your business. The templates provided above have been carefully designed to assist you with each step.

        Click on the relevant subheader below to jump to the appropriate section, alternatively scroll down to read all we have to say.

        Let’s get started!
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